How can Photographers convert their Instagram followers into customers?

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If you are a photographer wanting more clients, Instagram has the potential to be a powerful digital marketing tool for photographers. Along with the reach and popularity of Instagram, you can increase exposure for your business, connect with other professionals and attract new opportunities. As a Photographer, it is more important than ever to show your work to clients on online platforms — specifically Instagram. It is the ultimate tool in digital marketing for photographers. With millions of active users, it is one of the most successful photo-sharing platforms for photographers globally.

Here are some strategies on how photographers can convert their Instagram to attract new customers –

1.Connecting with your target audience – Who is your target audience? Businesses, brands, brides, parents of high school? Where do these clients stay, what are their interests, and what benefits them online? As much as you can, nail down a basic summary of your ideal customers and then hunt for Instagram accounts that fit that description. While you are building your brand on Instagram, keep your audience in mind. You want to constantly grow your following while increasing your engagement. Your followers may see thousands of photographs and other pieces of content every day on Instagram. Comment back when someone replies or interacts with your content. Doing this invites your target audience back to interact with your work again and again. Users share millions of photographs on Instagram every single day; therefore, ensure that your content stands out to potential clients. Use your approach to create content that is unique and personal and stay consistent with your branding.

Digital Marketing for photographers

2.Creating your brand – Each piece of your journey needs to relate to a brand you are maintaining. Your photography business will mostly rely on your ability to self-market and position yourself. Decide on an Instagram name and brand that is significant to the type of work you do. It is recommended to keep your Instagram account to be public. Only public profiles are viewable for new connections. Always Keep your profile links and portfolio relevant, consistent with the brand. This will help your audience engage and be interested in your work.

3. Use hashtags along with your posts– On social media, hashtags as a search term. Tagging your images with various, relevant hashtags is a great way to effectively mark them as searchable for specific words or phrases. Suppose location, descriptions of your photography especially, equipment, relevant aspects of your photos, etc. You can also follow hashtags in a similar way that you would follow a person or business. This is a great way to start using more effective hashtags in your visual business marketing.

4. Connecting with other professionals– Posting a photograph is only half of the job. Create engaging content that resonates with a brand’s audience. It is key to forming professional relationships with potential clients. Connecting with other professionals on Instagram is a great way to build relationships which leads to work. The power of excellent product photography has always been essential to marketing. Clients expect that the photographers in the network know how to create engaging content that aligns with their objectives of digital marketing for photographers. Instagram is the most engaging social sharing platform that drives traffic to brands or businesses through visual content. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are posting only the highest quality content.

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5. Tagging of clients in photographs– If you are fascinated by shooting for tourism clients, start tagging them in posts that you think are relevant to their business. If you are traveling to a place where you want to shoot, start by tagging that brand in your photographs to get more views on your content. By tagging them in your content, you send them a notification to engage with the content you are posting which will eventually get more business.

Digital Marketing for photographers

We at Social Prefix, help you market your services via digital marketing while you concentrate on making memories for your clients. We focus on creating the best yet appropriate digital marketing for photographers. We create a strong social media presence to attract viewers to notice your photography. Social Media Marketing is not only about the likes, but We also help you design an engaging content strategy that can help you generate conversations with the right audience.

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