Healthcare Marketing


Why Adopt The Content Creation Strategy?

What Is A Content Creation Strategy? Adopting a content creation strategy means becoming your media by producing all types of content: blog articles, videos, infographics, product pages, podcasts, and content for social networks… These contents will treat well sure of your products and services but not only. You will also have to address topics related […]
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Social Media Strategy

How To Improve Company’s Social Media Strategy?

You regularly post on all your social media platforms and respond now and then. You schedule several messages, but you have no idea what these messages are intended for. You get the feeling that the success of social media is not for you. Have you reached this stage? Don’t grieve! In this article, we’ll give […]
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Digital Marketing

What Are The 6 Pillars Of Digital Marketing?

The phrase “digital marketing” has become popular. However, few of those who know what it is! Read the rest of this article to find out if you know the 6 main pillars of digital marketing. STRATEGY This is the first step to take when setting up digital marketing in a company. The strategy will indeed […]
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What Are The Three Main SEO Techniques?

 SEO techniques improve the natural referencing of your website. These are actions that ensure both good indexing of your web pages and optimal positioning. Among all the SEO techniques, three of them represent the main levers for acquiring qualified traffic as part of your SEO strategy. You will find them below. 1st SEO Technique: Content […]
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Lead Generation

Things You Need to Know About B2B Lead Generation.

B2B lead generation is one of your main challenges as a marketing manager. Let’s find out everything you need to know for lead generation in your company! The term “lead” has become legion in the vocabulary of marketers. But do you know what this illustrious Anglicism contains? A lead is a commercial contact between your […]
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Why SEO And Web Marketing Are Important For Dentists?

Looking for new customers? You are in the right place, SEO is The solution for your industry. As an expert in Digital Marketing Strategy. We, Social Prefix can assure you that SEO is the best marketing strategy for dentists. Here’s why… Potential customers search for services like you offer on Google every day. It’s no […]
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digital marketing

How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy ?

  Digital Marketing is Online Marketing for websites. Easy right? It turns out there are at least seven ways to market a website online. And this is where Digital Marketing Strategy comes in. There are the big buzzwords — like search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, social media marketing — and the list goes on. […]
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Healthcare Industry’s Biggest Challenge: The Digital Healthcare Consumer

    Society is digitizing at a rapid pace, which has a major impact on the behavior of consumers, clients, patients, and, employees. The digital healthcare consumer is on the rise and that is a new challenge for hospitals and healthcare institutions. People click, like, post, and react with different devices which is a delight. This is […]
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Trending Digital Marketing Techniques for Health Care Services

In digital marketing for health care, what’s next? Change is the one thing that we can all be sure of.  In the late 20th century, you could rely on your advertisements working in newspapers,  magazines,radio or television, and direct mail. It’s a whole different story today,  as we have to adapt to a range of emerging innovations.  Here,are a few recent additions to the mix of products and services for the future of healthcare ads  to benefit any doctor,hospital, healthcare network, or pharmaceutical company more precisely and target your audience. Voice Assistant On iPhones, the first effective voice assistant, we all know about Siri. Google revealed Google Assistant in May 2016 to help you carry out quick searches on the internet. This has made our lives easy in […]
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Why Digital Marketing Is Necessary for the Healthcare Sector?

Digital healthcare is progressing at an incredible pace and realizing that this is just the beginning, the prospects of improving healthcare systems are now becoming more evident. By comparison to conventional marketing, digital marketing gives you a different way to interact with your customers, i.e. engaging them based on their preferences, goods, desires, resources they […]
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