8 Online Dental Marketing tips to boost your ROI

Dental Marketing

If you’re a dentist, you might have found yourself looking for ideas on digital marketing for dentist on Facebook, or if you’re a digital marketing agency or a freelancer who treats a dentist as a client.

A search that results in millions, but each tells a different story. There are many informative e-books, blog posts, and guides that give you the knowledge you need for digital marketing for dentist.

But very few are supported by actual experience. That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and decided to share 8 ideas that actually work on dental marketing.

One that we have used effectively to grow the business of the clients.

Keep reading if you wish to help your dental practice expand. This blog post is just about adding value to your work. To motivate you to feel sufficiently comfortable to take your business to the next level.

8 Good ideas for dental ads to bring in new patients

Boost the SEO to help people find their dental surgery on Google

Most people looking for a dentist will start with a simple search on Google. The higher you rank on this search, the higher your chances are that a user visits and makes an appointment to your business website. There are ways to customize the website for ranking higher on Google both at the front end and back end.

First, you need to help Google read your website and understand it through the SEO on-page. This could involve updating your copy of the website, headings, titles, speed and much more. When you introduce SEO on-page, you’ll need to continue SEO maintenance monthly. Monthly SEO maintenance includes off-page tactics such as increasing backlinks to your website and posting relevant content to your website on social media.

You should also continue to keep a pulse on the safety, speed, and user-friendliness of your website. When ranking dental marketing websites, Google looks at these factors so make sure you pay close attention to that. Search engine optimization is extremely important in the dental marketing industry, where patients regularly use search engines to research remedies. If through well-planned SEO you can get your dental practice to rank higher on the search engines, you can count on enough free traffic to your website that will lead to appointments.

Talk today to our SEO experts to see how you can use this marketing tactic to boost your ROI.

Search Engine Marketing – Google’s Advertising Platform

It can take 6-12 months for the successful implementation of the SEO. And if you’re like most dental practices right now, you need the leads.

One way to get traffic from Advertisers straight away is by using Google Ads. This helps you decide what your potential online customers are looking for, and then allows you to reach them with your ads. As soon as they search for a dentist, you might appear to be targeting your ads.

These ads may target specific towns, zip codes, or areas where your dental practice(s) is located.

We’re going to be 100% frank with you now. One of the most popular dental marketing ideas for dentists is Google Advertisements. Demand for dentists in Google Ads is very strong with that being said. And as demand increases, the advertising costs are generally in line with that. But don’t let that get you discouraged. The reason that there’s so much competition on Google Ads for dentists is that it works for the dentists who use it. Google Ads is helping dentists expand their practices entirely.

We recommend using a trustworthy dental advertisement company to maximize your advertising money.

For your local dental business, claim local business listings

Whether patients meet their local dentists has changed massively. To get new patients into your dental practice, it is true that word of mouth is still as important. But have online exposure is another equally important thing. Literally where the customers live. Which makes it important to list your company on different online business lists. By name, we mean making an account and updating the profiles with the correct information on these pages. There are more than a dozen free listings of companies that you can benefit from. Many of them include Google My Company, Bing, Yelp, Manta Yellow Pages, Citysearch, etc.

Obviously there will be some business listings which will be more appropriate for a dental service but this is one of the most popular dental marketing ideas to start with.

Get more reviews from patients

Reviews are another perfect way to attract patients and get them converted. Dentists are very suspicious of new patients. And you better think they’re looking at your reviews to decide to use your practice to operate in their mouth. So it’s best to make a great first impression, which will have an impact on their decision to book an appointment. Reports have consistently stated that before making their online purchase, 90% of consumers rely on feedback from other customers.

But let’s just face it. Management of the examination is hard to do regularly, and that’s why busy dental practitioners don’t even bother to understand its influence.

Experts in handling credibility will help. Apart from ensuring that your company continues to receive customer reviews, our team can highlight those positive reviews in ways that can drive more customers to your practice. A little birdie told us about a Denver dentist who was running a contest called “Best Smiles” for all his patients. They picked five lucky winners from a drawing to get a year’s free cleaning. To enter the contest, simply leave a review of the dental practice online. What a clever way to encourage patients to share their experiences after a review. That tactic also ruffled the feathers of social media for the practice. One point we’re going to cover in our item below.

Manage the social media, organically

Patients not only look at reviews but they also look at your social media channels as well. They may take a look at the Facebook and Instagram page of your dental practice to find out more about the experience they might encounter there. Yet impressing prospective patients is not the only advantage of social media, it also helps build awareness, dedication, and belief among a brand new audience. Market studies show that an average user spends nearly two hours on Facebook, before telling their friends about something they’d tweet about on Twitter.

This is social media’s strength. Could you imagine what you’re missing when you don’t make the right effort to connect to your social media audience? It is where the majority of your patients spend their time. And you don’t have to be hard at managing your social media profiles. It’s a collection of the little things that you’re doing on your social channels to communicate with your users.

Right from publishing meaningful content to discussing issues in online forums, adding value to prospective patients and current ones. Significant content may consist of providing tips on how to keep a bright smile, the value of daily flossing, and advice on selecting a dentist. Once you have this content published, focus on connecting it to the right people. Build your followers, boost your posts and maximize all outlets for your dental practice to build exposure by using our digital marketing for dentist services. Another birdie told us about an Indian dentist who set up a photo booth in his clinic for the patients. The patients were encouraged to take a picture of their brand new, whiter smile after their dental appointment.

After that, they will share these clicks with all their mates and on social media. This was a smart way to use social media channels to get additional eyeballs. Needless to say, a bonus mention appreciated its creative technique of using social media to advertise a dental practice.

Increase traffic by targeting new patients with paid publicity campaigns in the social media

You can also run advertising campaigns outside of building your social media presence to drive traffic to your web site. Social media advertising enables you to target your potential patients on their favorite social channels, with different ad formats. To get started, first you need to develop a compelling offer, like a free guide or special promotion. For example, to check out your dental clinic, your dental practice may request a 25% discount. Or a free eBook on the most effective ways to keep your smile shining.

You then need to create persuasive content and tailor it to your audience. The targeting capabilities of social media advertising is perhaps one of social media advertising’s most beneficial advantages. For example, you can target audiences based on the content they like, pages they follow, or certain online behaviors.

You can segment all types of audiences and relate to them in a friendly, engaging manner. With your current customers, you can also create custom audiences and ask them to persuade them to book their next appointment. To dentists, social media advertising remains one of the most effective advertising platforms in terms of dental ROI, with a low cost per views and clicks that you can appreciate.

Increase Rendezvous with Email Marketing

One of the most important facets of dental marketing for dentist is email marketing for dentists. This welcomes new patients, embraces existing patients and delights returning former patients. Email marketing is a great idea for dental practices that want their conversion rates to rise. Let’s say, for example, 100 people downloaded your dental eBook about how to keep a bright smile. Because these people downloaded this eBook, they’re probably interested in the teeth whitening that your practice provides. Therefore, to enable them to book an appointment with your company, you should create a series of email newsletters to deliver to this specific audience. If your dental practice does not send emails to present, past and prospective clients on a weekly basis, you’re losing income.

Use Blogging to build value for future patients.

Last but not least blogging is on this list of dental marketing for dentist ideas.

Blogging serves one primary purpose for your dental practice – to increase the traffic and commitment on the website. If they fail to maintain their dental hygiene, you can educate your audience on the benefits of routine dental maintenance and the consequences that will follow.

You may, for example, repair a blog about common causes or symptoms of gingivitis or other prominent gum diseases. Anyone who searches the Internet for such material, and reads blogs like this, would probably need a dentist.

Covering these issues will surely help your website get some extra exposure and traffic. Begin by defining topics that contribute to your audience’s specific pain points, challenges, and goals. And then post useful posts on those topics. Online forums and views on dental procedures are a significant part of the purchase journey. And it’s important not to miss out on that. Showcasing patient reviews, highlighting services that can cure common pains or even new promotions, can lead to booking a rendezvous with you.

Bonus Tip: Appointment Booking App

One of the biggest issues of running a service-oriented company like a dental clinic is the fact that customers can quickly change their minds. Whether they are rescheduling, no-showing or late in their appointment doesn’t matter, all these little changes can turn your well-planned day or week upside down.

Now you tell us, what do you think would happen if some of these dental marketing ideas started to be implemented in your practice?

How much would the experience have been different? How many more customers do you want? How many more places will you open?

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